2019 NGWA Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater to be held Sept 23-24 in Burlington, Vermont

The National Groundwater Association is holding a conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater to be held September 23-24, 2019 in Burlington, Vermont.

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Date:  September 23-24, 2019 
Location:  Burlington, Vermont


The 2019 NGWA Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater focuses on improved outcomes for groundwater remediation and examines what is needed to construct a sufficiently robust conceptual site model (CSM).

Program advisers

New and improved technologies for site characterization and remediation are essential, but innovative technology alone will not solve difficult problems in fractured rock environments. Technologies are only effective when expertly applied and coupled with a robust understanding of a site’s hydrogeology and contaminant distribution, at a level of detail commensurate with the site-specific complexity of the fractured rock system, and a detailed understanding of the controlling processes. This understanding is embodied in a thorough and accurate CSM.

  • William Alley, Ph.D.
  • Joseph Ayotte, PG
  • William C. Brandon
  • Steven Chapman, P.Eng.
  • Marjorie Gale
  • Robert C. Luhrs
  • John Persico, PG
  • Lee Slater, Ph.D.