Kentucky Groundwater Association

“To protect and improve groundwater resources for all Kentuckians.”


It is the association’s responsibility to assist and support the best interests and welfare of the water well industry by first protecting our groundwater, our most valuable resource…. “Water is Life”

  • We pledge to promote harmony and cooperation with the groundwater industry and governmental agencies in drafting regulations and rules to promote the proper use and protection of our groundwater.
  • We pledge to educate the public and protect their interests concerning groundwater with resources available and educate them about the best methods of well construction, maintenance, and water usage.
  • We pledge to educate our membership and provide a forum for exchange of information among groundwater professionals and all other interested persons concerning any aspects regarding groundwater resource concerns.
  • We pledge to improve our standards and methods of construction for both water wells and monitoring wells through the use of research and techniques we have learned throughout the industry and hope to advance the science of groundwater hydrology.
  • We pledge and encourage cooperation with any entities relative to improving pumping and drilling equipment.
  • We pledge to work diligently for member recruitment with any parties whether individual or business for the advancement of mutual interests in building and keeping the water well industry safe.
  • As result of our endeavors, we hope to provide households and business with SAFE drinking water and supply water for all other needs well into the next centuries ahead.


Kentucky Groundwater Association
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Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: 800-858-4844
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